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Concealed Carry Frequently Asked Questions

During our classes as instructors we have found certain questions come up time and time again. Below are common questions with Protection Tactics answers to them.

I keep seeing and hearing CCW and CPL what is the difference?

Many people use the term CCW, Concealed Carry of a Weapon as a generic term to carry any concealed weapon.  In Michigan the actual license to carry a concealed handgun is called the CPL or Concealed Pistol License.

How do I get my concealed pistol license?

There are several steps to getting a Michigan Concealed Pistol License.  First make sure you qualify including no felonies or disqualifying convictions.  Second, you must attend a recognized training course like our CPL training course. Third, you need to complete the application packet (including 2 passport photos) for the CPL, submit it to the your county's clerk with processing fee of $105.  You will have take receipt to the Sheriff department or local law enforcement agency to get fingerprinted and have a background check completed.  The gun board will have 45 days from receipt of the report to issue or deny the license.

I have my concealed carry permit, can I carry concealed in other states?

Whether a state will recognize another state's license is called reciprocity. Each state has its own guideline and whether or not it will recognize the Michigan CPL.  The place to begin is the State of Michigan website. Make sure you confirm the information is current by additionally checking the state you where you are hoping to carry. 

What do I need for the CPL class?


You will need to bring the following equipment for the Basic Protection in the Home course:

  • 1.  Writing utensil Note paper
  • 2.  Eye protection (We have Safety glasses, there are minor scratches on lenses)
  • 3.  Ear protection(We have ear muff style protection available)
  • 4.  Safe Handgun-- the kind you will use for self-defense. Preferred calibers are 380, 38, 9mm, 357, 40 or 45 cal.  You may use a .22 provided it is designed for concealed carry (i.e. Ruger SR-22, Smith & Wesson M&P-22 Walther P22.) Guns designed for target shooting are not permitted.  (i.e. Ruger Mark series, Browning Buckmark, scopes, etc.)  Semi-Auto Pistol or revolver are preferred, Single-Action revolvers not allowed
  • 5.  Extra magazines for semi-autos or speed loaders for revolvers.
  • 6.  Foul weather gear (we will shoot in any weather except lightning)

Weapons and Ammunition

Please bring the handgun you plan on carrying for self-defense and 100 rounds of the correct factory ammunition. Leave your handgun and ammunition locked in the trunk of your vehicle. We will inspect them at the range prior to beginning the range portion of the course to make sure they are safe to use. The handgun you bring to the course must be safe to fire. If you are unsure if your firearm is safe to use for this course have it checked by a gunsmith. Factory ammunition only; reloads will not be allowed for this course.

Handgun Rental

If you do not have a firearm you may rent one for the class for a $25 fee. We have four handguns available for rental. We will also provide ammunition for rental handguns at our cost which is about $5-20 for 50 rounds depending on the caliber rented. 


Can I carry immediately after completing the class?

You must actually recieve your license from your county gun board, a process that can take as little as 3 weeks to as long as 6 months in some counties. It is best to complete the training and begin the application process as soon as possible.


 What gun is recommended for self defense?

Personal Protection GunThis one is an easy one I recommend a 12 gauge shotgun. However it is a little challenging to carry it concealed.  The gun I would recommend would be what ever you can handle, shoot accurately and has more knockdown power than your bare hands.  I carry a range of guns from a S&W 38 snubnose revolver to a 1911(.45 cal).  I usually carry a Sig Sauer P226. But before you run out and get one.  Go to a range that sells guns and try several before you buy one.  If you don't test fire at least 5-10 guns before you purchase, you are absolutely selling yourself short.   

Can I get a refund?

Because of our excellent prices, we do not offer refunds for classes unless you attend class and are not satisfied with our performance.  Any refund will have a $50 per person cancellation fee.